Visiting Bova-Pentedattilo

The Dante School together with the CESASS, which organizes many activities such as trips and visitings to the most likeable places, have the pleasure to show you some shots made by our students during the last trip in Bova and Pentedattilo on March. Learn italian in Calabria means enjoy the view of these beautiful scenarios.

As our student Nisreen said “I’ve never seen places like these in my Country!” (and she said it in italian), this was a fascinating experience, a dive into the calabria culture paired to discover a new way to study a language, thanks to the teachers along with them. Also, she was grateful to spend her time with friends of dante classes, exploring the bourgh with them and having a taste of the calabria food, especially the typical Pitta. “I liked the Pitta, it is tasty and I think I had never used to eat something similar” she said it always in italian, with an help in the pronounce of this dish, but you can call it dante food for convenience!




Visiting cultural places like the castle, churchs and a particular cross shaped little monument placed on a cliff, was helpful to let students get in touch with habits of the ancient inhabitants and have a better knowledge of the calabria history. For us, studying a language means understand these important facts, and you will be able to do it thanks to the dante course.






Nisreen and her new friends had so much fun with us and they invite you to the best place to study italian for the next adventure.

So, keep calm and reach Dante School!




Here, shots of Bova and Pentedattilo bourghs and panorama supplied by students: