Extra Promotion 2020

International University Dante Alighieri Extra promotion 2020

Dear students, in order to facilitate your studies in this very complicated year, the University has just approved the following promotion:

  • 50% of the actual online course cost
  • 50% as a bonus spendable in a course in presence (when we will be authorized to get back in activity). This bonus will be granted to people who attend 80% lessons at least.

The bonus is also valid for taking a level exam that corresponds to one of the two levels included in the attended level.


  • Students of promoters also benefit from the 50% promotion. The commission of the latter will, of course, be halved by 50%. If the sponsored student who follows a distance course intends to later attend a face-to-face course, he will benefit from the remaining 50% discount on the rate for face-to-face courses. Consequently, the promoter will also be guaranteed a commission, again at 50%, referring to the commission due for attendance courses.
  • The promotion expires when the distance courses end and you will return to face-to-face courses.
  • Students can take advantage of a 50% discount for face-to-face courses, in any month, even in the summer months.
  • Students who, by attending an online course, take advantage of the 50% discount, can take advantage of the remaining 50% discount even if they independently enroll in a face-to-face course.

For further information, please contact info@danteschool.com or cesass@unistrada.it