How to enroll

Apply to the Italian course

To apply to the Italian course at Dante School you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the form
  2. Fill in the form with your personal data and sign it (it can be filled out online)
  3. Send the form at

Here a full guide to the enrollment

As a Extra-Eu student, in order to confirm your enrollment you will need to pay 100,00€ as first part of your payment. If you are already in Reggio Calabria you can complete your enrollment at our University.

You can therefore enroll to our courses either online on our website, filling the correct form, or coming to the Dante School Offices at Università per Stranieri Dante Alighieri of Reggio Calabria.
The fees include the enrollment to the CE.S.A.S.S. “Centro Studi ed Assistenza Studenti Stranieri”, which support students during the stay.

Payment method:

Receiving Bank SWIFT/BIC code: PASCITMMREG

Account Number: IT10L0103016300000002535012


Address of Account Holder: VIA DEL TORRIONE N.95, 89125 REGGIO CALABRIA – ITALY


Before paying the fees, students won’t be registered and therefore won’t be able to access bureaucratic, academic and general support (outdoor activities, books, health insurance etc.)

Download the form, or contact us right away!


More info?



Our Italian courses are open to all citizens who are over 16 years of age.
It is possible to join the courses at any point after their start (except A1 level).

In order to take the language exams and get the certifications, it is compulsory to attend at least 80% of the classes.
Conferences and other activities, upon approval of the school committee, will be granted school credits.

Access to A1 level course

To access the A1 level course it is necessary to take a preliminary test online. Students of the A1 course will have to start attending classes within two days from the beginning of the course.

Access to C2 level course

Access to the advanced C2 level course will be granted if:

  • the student already obtained an advanced Italian C1 certificate
  • the student was assigned to the course after the test
  • the student has one of the CLIC certificates for the Italian language (CELI; CILS; PLIDA; IT ROMA TRE).