Summer 2019 – Welcome to Reggio!

CESASS Happy Hour at Moha Beach

These days are getting hot, and it’s not only due to the sun which is shining over the city, but thanks to our July new arrivals too!

New faces, new people who desire to learn and complete themselves. But, there is a time to learn and a time to have fun; we know that.

Indeed, we are organizing a pool of events along July and August like the Happy Hour on the beach of yesterday 4th July.

Students have appreciated the beauties around them, while relaxing with drinks and calabrian food. And for dauntless ones, the location lets you to party all the night.

Maybe, you could be with us in the next event offered by dante school course, don’t you? Meanwhile, see the gallery below of the happy hour.

Learn italian is good, do it here is better!

—Mini game: find the two CESASS’ members in the photos—