Reggio Calabria: 5 places not to be missed for students

Reggio Calabria is a city to discover, which tells a very long story and traditions handed down during centuries. There are many opportunities to visit Magna Greece lookalike places for who has chosen to study italian in Reggio Calabria with 5 unmissable locations, at least.

Museo di Reggio Calabria

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Bronzi di Riace’s home. The National Archeological Museum hosts thousands of passionate sightseers from all over the world come for observe these magnificient bronze warriors every year. They are the “special ones” of the museum, but it offers extraordinary findings such as sculptures, statues, urns, coins, pieces of old temples and many object of worhsip all from Magna Greece. Visiting the museum means get a knowledge of the greek history as well as customs of Reggio’s locals.

Lungomare Falcomatà

La cosidetta “Via Marina”, il Lungomare di Reggio Calabria

The poet Gabriele D’Annunzio described it as “the most beautiful mile long of Italy”, so our Lungomare is perfect to resume all beauties you can find by the Stretto ‘s panorama. A combination of majestic old trees and seascapes with Sicily as background let your experience to be unforgettable. Furthermore, you can see three Rabarama’s sculptures along the road.

Corso Garibaldi (Duomo)

Corso Garibaldi is the heart of shopping and it’s also close by Lungomare. Many people spend their time in several clothing stores and so on, or just have a chill walk with friends. In here, you can find the Duomo the biggest cathedral in Calabria and the Cilea Theater.

Castello Aragonese

Castello Aragonese

One of Reggio’s symbol, located in the downtown. The Castle was signed by many demolitions and falls, but recent restoration has given back the old glory. Today, it hosts art exhibitions and other shows that lure a lot of tourists.

Fortini Pentimele”

Fortini Pentimele

Arising over Pentimele Hill, they dominates the Stretto surroundings and offers a good view. Called Fortino Nord and Fortino Sud, they were built quite identical using rocks and bricks. According some local superstitions, they conceal two secret passage, one to the harbor and one to Aragonese Castle, respectively.

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