Goodbye Ceremony of June 27 2019

Goodbye, for now!

This June was a special occasion to celebrate the end of our italian courses, especially for our students of the “Advanced Training in Teaching Italian” who are fresh new italian teachers now.

The University, Dante School and all the staff are so glad to see the happiness and the deep feeling of youngs when they arrive in here, and when they have to go. But, our goal is to celebrate a Goodbye (for now) Ceremony and we do it every month with this hype.

Also, it’s a good excuse for all to be socially active, while taking a sample of our typical refreshment offered by the dante alighieri school.

But, learn italian in calabria will never stop, so new courses are just ready to start!


We are waiting for you here in Reggio Calabria, with our calabrian food, beautiful places and well-prepared lecturers to let you enjoy your experience in Italy!

A proud italian student, Ekaterina, made a speech giving  a special thanks to our teachers and thankfulness words for this opportunity, during the ceremony.

Here the video link