“Dante Alighieri” Promotions 2019

Starting from March till the end of the 2019, the University for Foreigners “Dante Alighieri” will provide many benefits for its students of the italian language courses, both newcomer and former ones.

To let you enhance your study experience in Reggio Calabria, the following promotions are open:

Bring a friend

If you bring a friend with you, no matter if you are a former student or a new one, you will get a 50% discount for the first month of course; a nice boost to start learning with a mate and have fun during all our outdoor activities!



Promo 3 x 2

In addition, if you place a new enrollment for 3 months at least, you will get a free attendance for 1 month. Also, you can spend this “free ticket” whenever you want during the 2019. Nothing better to extend your stay in such beautiful places than have an entire month of study for free! You can enjoy this promo even if you are just studying here.


1 out of 4 for groups

Meanwhile, if you are a group of people, we will grant 1 free attendance out of 4!

The more, the better! Dante course likes to be a rallying point for all students.





You can easily join these promo by sending your enrollment email at info@danteschool.com or cesass@unistrada.it, specifying at which promo you want to take part.

This promo is useful to learn italian in calabria at our dante school but even it is intended to incetivize the students in having good time throughout visits and trips in calabria cities. We are waiting for you in the best place to study italian!