Calabria: Retracing the itinerary of Edward Lear

Let’s retrace together part of Edward Lear’s story in Calabria which is narrated in his “Journals of a Landscape Painter in Southern Calabria”.

Starting from Reggio Calabria, founded in the eighth century BC, according to the myth, by the Calcidesi thanks to the indication of the Oracle of Delphi. The city is rich in history, it hosts the MARC, National Archaeological Museum of Magna Greece, a prestigious museum full of archaeological finds among the most important that can be traced back to Magna Greece. These finds include the “Testa del Filosofo”, the “Testa di Basilea” and the famous Riace Bronzes, bronze statues recovered in 1972, made with the technique of lost wax casting.

Furthermore, Reggio Calabria offers many cultural attractions such as the Cilea Theater, the Pinacoteca Civica and the Balisica Cattedrale in neo-romantic style just to name but a few.

Also, we will pass by Scilla, one of the most beautiful village in Italy. Then, we will see Bagnara, a seaside village famous for its nougat and fish restaurants. We’ll take a look on Palmi, a city of the Varia which is a procession protected as a traditional UNESCO intangible heritage, up to the marvelous landscapes of Pizzo and Tropea with their much-loved seabed and, respectively, for the truffles and red onion, as well as for the splendid structures of rich historical and architectural value.