Art Opening: Luci e Ombre – Millennial Traditions of South Italy

October 10th 2019, Reggio Calabria

We are proud to announce the opening of an exhibition concerning the ancient traditions of the South Italy, especially the customs of Magna Greece in Calabria.


The artist Nicodemo Misiti wants to show an emotional trip through the photos of the millannial traditions of South Italy, with particular regard to those heatens festivity which were acquired by christianity such as the viking fir tree, the Wood Spirits Carnival and the Proserpine of Magna Greece era.



Additionally, thanks to the artist snapshot, you could have a view of the spanish ancient ceremonies related to the Holy Week (Processione dei Misteri, Vattienti e Affruntata), the Marian Devotion ( la Varia di Palmi) and of San Rocco (gli Spinati), the folk dancing like Taranta and the Vallje Arbereshe (italian-albanian community)




Nicodemo Misiti, the artist who held this opening, has Classical Studies and a degree in Foreigners Language e Literatures with Ethnolingustics specialization. His photographs were shown in Latin America (Brasil, Argentina), during many events organized by institutions such as the Italian Consulate in Curitiba, the Italian Culture Institute of Buenos Aires, the Italian Consulate in La Plata, the SESC-FECOMERCIO of Paranà, Santa Caterina and Rio Grande do Sul. Furthermore, he has partecipated to  the 1st edition of Triennale della Fotografia in Venice.



The brasilian edition of the book Luci & Ombre – Millennial Traditions of the South Italy were shown at Curitiba in November 2018.

Dante school invites all of you to this illustrated journey to discover, or rediscover, the customs, traditions and the history of these beautiful places.