Best locations in Reggio Calabria surroundings – SCILLA and CHIANALEA

One of the hottest destination of sightseers, Scilla: it’s such an heavenly place in where a crystal clear sea is surrounded by a unique landscape. the Castello Ruffo dominates over the little village and it offers a fantastic view for visitors. Scilla’s ancient history puts together many myths of the Greek era. Enjoy having a look of Scilla village in the following video:

Scilla – ITALY

La magia di #Scilla e #Chianalea in un video mozzafiato 🌊☀️Fai conoscere la #Calabria, condividi il video ad un amico che ancora non ci è stato e convincilo a trascorre qui le prossime vacanze estive! 📲

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Dive into its crystal clear waters is a must to do for everyone. Thanks to the high heat and the warm weather, you can take a bath 6 months per year. People celebrate the patron saint of the burg, San Rocco, with passion and dedication during the 2 whole days of the weekend next to the 16 August. The saint statue is carried by volunteers along the procession which culminates in its own piazza, under the fireworks well-known for their beauty. Thousands of tourists come here to watch this spectacular event by the sea.

Visiting Scilla means dive in the romanticism of Chianalea too. Chianalea is one of the most enchanting hamlets of the southern Italy, textured by: pile dwellings restaurants, tiny and colored boats in the alleys and windows directly exposed to the sea. It’s an ancient seafaring burg in where fishermans’ houses are built by the sea, also called “Little Southern Venice”. The dwellings are separated by alleys that brings to the river, a place where the little ships end up. There are two religious buildings too: Santa Maria del Portosalvo parish (XVII cen.) in the hamlet herat, and the San Giuseppe church based in the northrest point.

Scilla is part of the Costa Viola, an area which includes discricts such as Bagnara and Palmi. Costa viola seas are the most loved of the whole Calabria, with tiny and reserved beaches perfect to take the sun in a relaxing way. Furthermore, it’s the land of wines, both red and white ones and it’s recommended to have a taste of a part of Calabria’s history and tradition. Places you have to visit are: Castello Ruffo in Scilla, Ethnogtraphical Museum and Archeological Park in Palmi, Torre Ruggero in Bagnara.

In volo con il nostro drone su uno dei luoghi più fotografati e più belli dell’intera provincia di #ReggioCalabria, Chianalea di Scilla, che col suo Castello che svetta su di una rocca circondata per tre lati dal mare, crea uno scenario unico ed irripetibile…

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The slush is a celeb in Scilla, a must to during the summer mainly, and it can be found ( gelato too ) in any coffee shop along Marina Grande, the promenade which flanks the beach. Like every seaside village, fish is the main course in the Costa Viola. Fishermans supply restaurants direclty, so it’s guaranteed to eat a genuine food caught by Stretto’s waters. The pesce spada sandiwich is an example of these delicious specialty in Scilla, one of a long list. Have a dinner in a floating restaurant is a thing you can experience in Chianalea, tasting excellent fish foodies in a unforgettable panorama. Also, you can taste sweets like the cannolo stuffed with local ricotta directly from the famous Piana , or the jam made with Bergamotto that is tasty and healthy.

La bellezza disarmante di #Chianalea di #Scilla al tramonto ❤️❤️❤️

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